Case Studies

The following case studies highlight how ESG and sustainable technologies, materials and practices help to deliver operating efficiency and occupant health and comfort, so that the assets we acquire and manage for clients compete effectively for tenants in their local markets. We continually deploy these types of strategies and acquire buildings with features that deliver and are recognized for their efficiency and environmental quality throughout our global portfolio.

8280 Greensboro Drive

McLean, VA, USA

LEED-EB O&M Gold Certified
ENERGY STAR Score 80, Certified

A nine-story cast in place concrete office building with full glass curtain wall situated on a 2.64 acre parcel outside of Washington, DC. Raised ENERGY STAR score from 47 to 80, reduced, reduced annual energy consumption by 28%, reduced water use by 27%, diverting 52% of waste from landfills, and reduced airborne particulates with MERV 13 filters to earn a LEED-EB O&M Gold certification.

  • Installed a programmable Energy Management System (EMS) in 2011 to enable greater control over various HVAC components. The EMS enables the engineering team to align the lease-defined hours of operation to the building systems so that some HVAC components can be shut-down outside of business hours.
  • An electrical meter replacement tied to the EMS allows tracking and diagnostics of real-time electricity demand. A no-cost audit of night time energy use is saving 200kW of energy demand, with an alarm generated by the EMS to identify spikes.
  • Additional controls were added to the terminal units, heat pumps and air handling units (AHUs). Programmable controllers allow the AHUs to employ Optimal Start/Stop and fan-only modes. The addition of DDC-controlled outside air dampers and sensors further contribute to energy and cost savings without sacrificing tenant comfort.
  • New lighting controls were tied into to the new EMS. Both tenant and common area lighting match the hours of operation. Lighting controls and occupancy sensors were also added to the three-level parking garage.


 Property Type:  Office
 Year Acquired:  1997
 Year Built:  1985
 Gross Building Area (Sq Ft):  221,200
 Gross Building Area (Sq M):  20,550
 Net Rentable Area (Sq Ft):  209,660
 Net Rentable Area (Sq M):  19,478
 Occupancy:  90%
 Number of Buildings:  1
 Number of Tenants:  18

5950 Sherry Lane

Dallas, TX, USA

LEED-EB O&M Gold Certified
ENERGY STAR Score 94, Certified

Located in the Preston Center office submarket inside the Park Cities area of Dallas, Texas, a highly energy efficient office property that serves as a model for tenant engagement programs and green leases. Implemented a variety of sustainability upgrades over the past 11 years as a participant in the City of Dallas Green Building Program to consistently maintain a very strong ENERGY STAR score and label, and enabling the building to earn a LEED-EB O&M Gold certification.

  • Upgraded building equipment with a new Building Management System (BMS), and improved water efficiency with a plumbing retrofit, irrigation and domestic water meters
  • Earned an Innovation/Exemplary Performance credit from the U.S. Green Building Council for green leasing and tenant education. Signed green leases and amended leases upon renewal or expansion. Held regular meetings with tenants to review LEED initiatives, sent memos to remind tenants of policies & procedures, created labels to better direct tenants to appropriate recycling containers, and held building events on Earth Day.
  • Improved indoor air quality with Indoor high efficiency MERV 13 air filters and optimized building air balance.
  • Implemented sustainable purchasing, landscaping and electronics recycling programs.


 Property Type:  Office
 Year Acquired:  2002
 Year Built:  1999
 Gross Building Area (Sq Ft):  218,313
 Gross Building Area (Sq M):  20,282
 Net Rentable Area (Sq Ft):  196,386
 Net Rentable Area (Sq M):  18,245
 Occupancy:  94%
 Number of Buildings:  1
 Number of Tenants:  25

Hills of Corona

Corona, CA, USA

A 12-building apartment property whose common areas, amenities, tenant units, and management practices continue to be upgraded to drive resource efficiency and environmental quality. Property upgrades include ENERGY STAR appliances in apartment units, programmable thermostats, lighting sensors, low-flow faucets and showers, and individual insulated water heaters. Implemented a recycling program and purchasing low-VOC / Green Seal cleaning materials.

  • Energy efficiency measures include ENERGY STAR appliances, programmable thermostats, lighting sensors, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs and light emitted diode (LED) lamps, and automatic controls on pool pumps.
  • Water efficiency measures include low-flow faucets, showers and toilets, water-efficient appliances and fixtures in units, an isolated water meter to monitor use from irrigation, and water sensors to account for rain and avoid overwatering.
  • Implemented a building recycling program and purchasing recyclable materials for common areas.
  • Improved indoor air quality using low-VOC paint and carpet and  purchasing Green Seal cleaning products.


 Property Type:  Multifamily Residential
 Year Acquired:  2003
 Year Built:  1990
 Number of Units:  248
 Net Rentable Area (Sq Ft):  210,016
 Net Rentable Area (Sq M):  19,511
 Occupancy:  96%
 Number of Buildings:  12

Cristalia 5 & 6

Madrid, Spain

Upgrades were made in 2010 to electrical and lighting systems, leading to a 57% reduction in energy consumption. The reduction enabled the utility contract to be renegotiated, leading to a 48% drop in energy costs across both buildings. Lower occupancy costs played a role in 90% of tenants renewing their leases in 2011.

  • Installed capacitor batteries, and reduced the number of luminaries, lamps and light circuits.
  • Reduced energy consumption 57%.
  • Renegotiated energy contract, leading to 48% lower energy costs.
  • Achieved 90% renewal rate during first renewal cycle, with lower occupancy costs playing a role in discussions with tenants.


 Property Type:  Office
 Year Acquired:  2006
 Year Built:  2005
 Gross Building Area (Sq Ft):  352,905
 Gross Building Area (Sq M):  32,786
 Occupancy:  79%
 Number of Buildings:  2
 Number of Tenants:  6

Grunwaldski Center

Wroclaw, Poland

European GreenBuilding Programme (2010)

Grunwaldzki Center is a Class-A office development, prominently located in the city center of Wroclaw, Poland. The buildings are designed to promote a healthy office environment for the building’s occupants. Grunwaldzki Center was the first building in Wroclaw to be certified according to the European Union’s GreenBuilding Programme. The sustainability of the property was a factor in attracting international credit tenants, which helped achieve favorable deal terms upon acquisition.

  • Designed to optimize energy efficiency using a Building Management System (BMS), using separate day and night modes, to monitor and optimize performance.
  • Efficient lighting design includes motion sensors in common areas and in the parking garage. Heat recovery system in Air Handling Units (AHUs) recycles 90% of energy from outgoing air and is used to heat the parking garage.
  • Windows have a low U-Value (1.1) to minimize heat losses, and a glazed façade allows natural daylight to penetrate the building.
  • HVAC zoning enables individual temperature, ventilation and air conditioning to control and optimize occupant comfort, while humidifiers maintain year-round comfort and reduce cases of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).
  • Bicycle racks encourage occupants to use alternative means of transport.
  • Recycling program in-place for paper, glass and plastic.

 Property Type:  Office
 Year Acquired:  2010
 Year Built:  2009
 Gross Building Area (Sq Ft):  298,709
 Gross Building Area (Sq M):  27,751
 Net Rentable Area (Sq Ft):  287,149
 Net Rentable Area (Sq M):  26,678
 Occupancy:  99%
 Number of Buildings:  3
 Number of Tenants:  26

G Square

Tokyo, Japan

CASBEE A-Rank Certified

G Square is located in the (need name) office submarket in Central Tokyo. G-Square earned Grade A by CASBEE, which is the Japanese tool is a tool for assessing and rating the environmental performance of buildings.

  • Following acquisition, G Square earned an A Rank under CASBEE, which is the Japanese Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency. CASBEE is ranked in five grades: Superior (S), Very Good (A), Good (B+), Slightly Poor (B-), and Poor (C).
  • CASBEE ratings for environmental quality:
    - Overall: 3.5 / 5.0
    - Indoor environment: 3.4 / 5.0
    - Quality of service : 3.5 / 5.0
    - Outdoor environment on site: 3.7 / 5.0
  • CASBEE Ratings for Environmental Load Reduction: 3.5 / 5.0
  • LR1 energy: 3.8 / 5.0
  • LR2 resources & materials: 3.5 / 5.0
  • LR3 off-site environment: 3.1 / 5.0


 Property Type:  Office
 Year Acquired:  2010
 Year Built:  2009
 Gross Building Area (Sq Ft):  73,215
 Gross Building Area (Sq M):  6,809
 Net Rentable Area (Sq Ft):  53,914
 Net Rentable Area (Sq M):  5,014
 Occupancy:  100%
 Number of Buildings:  1
 Number of Tenants:  3

737 Bourke Street

Melbourne, Australia

NABERS Rated – 4.5 Stars

737 Bourke Street is a top-quality, modern, Class A office property in Downtown Melbourne, ideally located adjacent to main sports, entertainment and transportation hubs. Strong energy efficiency and occupant comfort is delivered through advanced building controls, high-efficiency windows, and solar panels. A water harvesting program and recycled waste water system drive water efficiency.

  • One block from Southern Cross Railway Station, Downtown Melbourne’s major railway and transport hub. Seven city tram lines stop within two blocks of the property. Bike racks further encourage occupants to use alternative means of transport. Directly across Bourke Street sits Docklands Stadium, a major sports and entertainment venue..
  • An advanced Building Management System (BMS) with day & night settings and individual controls to manage HVAC zones and all indoor parameters to optimize both energy consumption and occupant comfort. Energy consumption is further reduced via a heat recovery system in the Air Handling Units (AHUs) to recycle air in mild conditions.
  • Low emissivity (low-e), windows with a U-value of 1.8 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.39 reduce the transfer of heat or cold air through the glass, which significantly minimizes air conditioning load during the lengthy and hot Melbourne summers.
  • 20 rooftop solar panels provide the building hot water, reducing gas heating load.
  • A water harvesting program and recycled waste water system drive water efficiency.
  • 50% of building waste is diverted from landfills through a recycling program for paper, glass and plastic.


 Property Type:  Office
 Year Acquired:  2010
 Year Built:  2008
 Gross Building Area (Sq Ft):  214,535
 Gross Building Area (Sq M):  19,931
 Occupancy:  100%
 Number of Buildings:  1
 Number of Tenants:  10


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