Global Real Estate Strategic Outlook, September 2018

Our investment themes from earlier in the year remain intact. Global growth is projected to reach 3.9% in 2018 and 20191. With yield curves positively sloped, the risk of recession in any particular country appears low over the next twelve months. Against this backdrop, real estate continues to perform well as evidenced by the Global Real Estate Fund Index (GREFI). From the most recent data available, global real estate generated a total return of 9.5% over the last year. While this fell short of the equities market in certain countries, particularly the U.S., it handily outpaced the bond market which has posted a total return of -1.2% as reflected in the Barclays Global Aggregate Bond index.

1 World Economic Outlook as published by the IMF, July 2018

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Last Updated: 10/18/2018