South Korea Real Estate Market Outlook

In our first South Korea outlook, we investigate the structural change and institutionalization impacting this market, and why it is now considered an important inclusion in the regional real estate portfolio for many international investors.

With the aggregate size of institutionally held assets expanding six fold over the last ten years to 2017, the real estate market in South Korea has undergone evolution and institutionalization. It is now the fifth largest in the Asia Pacific region for invested stock and commercial transaction volume. In a state of economic recovery, South Korea’s real GDP is forecast to grow by 3% in 2018 driven by exports and private consumption. Transaction volumes have broken records for three consecutive years reflecting continued strong capital flow into the market. Top high street retail areas in Korea have started to recover, while retail e-commerce continues to act as a key driver for logistics space. The residential sector continues to reflect dramatic structural change to society, demand and the traditional Korean rental house system.

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Last Updated: 7/19/2018